STEM Education Program

Giles County Public Schools

Welcome to the Giles County Public Schools STEM Education website. The GCPS STEM Education Program is dedicated to enhancing classroom instruction through interactive, fun activities and resources! Click on the links below to find activities!

The purpose of the GCPS STEM website is to give parents, students, and teachers additional activities to enhance classroom learning. On this site, you will find age appropriate resources for science, engineering, and computer science academic content.

The science activities will relate to the science content your child will be learning in the classroom. The engineering activities get students thinking about how to solve a problem and maybe even building a simple prototype (example) of a design solution. The computer science activities focus on learning to write computer code...yes, even our youngest students can learn to write computer code! There are some great activities that introduce basic computer coding to students in a fun, game-like platform.

To see some of these great activities and get started now, check out the links below!

Check out some of our classroom STEM activities!