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What Is Going On This Week?

Language Arts:

5/7 - ALL Alphabiographies DUE

Math: Unit 6 Intro to Equations

Hello, I hope that you are all healthy and well during this time period, Below is a recap of links of information that could be helpful during this time period. The link to the right is our curriculum website that all students have access to.

This year is sixth grade we have covered Units 1-5 and are currently in the middle of Unit 6. We will hopefully finish the year with Units 7 - 8 when we return to school. During this time of uncertainty it is good to recap and test yourself on your understanding through the units we have already covered and then again try and have some fun. I have currently been spending most of my time in a shop and have been building furniture with recycled barn wood and other items.

Sudoku Puzzles

Game about Squares

Everyday math activities - Budgeting, Taxes, Percentages, are all great activities to work with your sixth grader on.

Link to SOLVEME Mobiles game - Follows very closely with equations

Khan Academy - 6th Grade - Videos and Activities for Students


3/9: Chapter 8

3/11: Ceremony of Twelve


Essential Question: How do organisms pass traits to parents to offspring?

3/23 - 4/10: School Closed

Social Studies:


Physical Education:

REMINDER: Due to the wet weather outside, make sure you have clean, dry shoes for PE class to keep the gym looking nice!

Tues. - Feb. 18th - Curl Ups FitnessGram test/Sprout ball

Thurs. Feb. 20th - Fish in a Bowl/Sprout Ball

Tues. - Feb. 25th - Yoga Challenge/Make ups for Curl Ups/Push Ups

Thurs - Feb. 27th - Sit & Reach Day 1 w/ISU

Tues. - March 3rd - Sit & Reach Day 2/9 Square in the Air

Thurs. - March 5th - Alternate schedule due to matinee in the afternoon - Trunk lift testing/9 Square in the Air

Tues. - March 10th - Trunk lift Test/9 Square in the Air

Thurs. March 12th - FitnessGram Make up/Redos - short schedule due to early dismissal for conferences. 9 Square in the Air.


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Jeannette Corrow - Reading -

Jessica Krause - Science -

Wes Onken - Math -

Ivy Sickels - Social Studies -

Staci Sniezek - Physical Education -

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