Supplemental and Intensive Tiers

Welcome to the Supplemental and Intensive Tiers website. This site offers an online option to help one navigate the Supplemental and Intensive Tiers guide.

Table of Contents

The pages on this website match the tabs in the Supplemental and Intensive Tiers Guide.  General areas are:

Data Protocol

System Steps

System Step 1:  Assess beliefs and consensus

System Step 2:  Document current interventions

System Step 3:  Determine intervention effectiveness

Learner Steps 1 & 2

Learner Step 1:  Identify learners needing additional support

Learner Step 2:  Assign Intervention

Learner Steps 3 - 5

Learner Step 3:  Implement Intervention

Learner Step 4:  Data analysis

Learner Step 5:  Make initial changes to intervention

Learner Steps 6 & 7

Learner Step 6:  Determine skill deficits

Learner Step 7:  Determine additional instructional changes

Continuous Improvement

For more information about Differentiated Accountability, please click on the Differentiated Accountability page of the Department website. 

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