Green Hills AEA Literacy

Welcome to the GHAEA Literacy Home Page. Literacy Team Members are listed below. Additional Literacy PLT Members are: Kim Wise-Science Consultant; Jenna Hoesing-Early Childhood Consultant; Ami Leath-Early Childhood Consultant; Pam Elwood-Early Childhood Consultant; Andrea Danker-Instructional Services Consultant; Tina Wahlert-Instructional Services Consultant; and Maryann Farrell-Instructional Technology Consultant.

Consultants provide professional development; assist with curriculum development and instructional materials; model teaching practices; offer consultation support in reading, writing, speaking and listening; and access research and resources of current educational developments and strategies relevant to K-12 literacy.

Literacy Team Contacts

Lynn Hockenberry

SDI Literacy Consultant, Atlantic Office

Lesley Ehlers

SDI Literacy Consultant, Red Oak Office

Karen Hesse

SDI Literacy Consultant, Red Oak Office

Jenna Hucka

SDI Literacy Consultant, Avoca Regional Office

Deb Zebill

SDI Literacy Consultant, Glenwood Office

Jessica Ferguson

Literacy Consultant, Osceola Regional Office

Emily Lampe

Literacy Consultant, Osceola Regional Office

Lynn Kilpack

Literacy Consultant, Missouri Valley Regional Office