Bulloch County's Military Heritage

About BCMH

Bulloch County’s Military Heritage is the county’s premier project that examines the involvement of Bulloch County, Georgia in the history of American warfare. It covers the roots of the county in the American Revolution and explores the connection between American military history and Bulloch County's history in the American Revolution and every war since, up to the Global War on Terrorism.

The project is supported by the Georgia Southern University Museum and was put together in conjunction with them and a Master of Arts student in the History Department. We are also grateful to Bulloch County Commissioners and the Bulloch County Historical Society for their generous support. Special thanks go to those who laid the groundwork and created this exhibit, such as Dr. James Bigley.

The project seeks to educate the public on American military history and share Bulloch County’s heritage by memorializing those who have died in service and by studying the past. Learn about the military history of Bulloch County and discover the community’s stories and heritage since its foundation in 1791 by exploring Bulloch County’s Military Heritage.

How to Use this site

On this website, you can find information on Georgia Southern University Museum’s project, Bulloch County's Military Heritage and explore the programs BCMH features.

​A physical exhibit, Community & Conflict, shows the history up close. Its central artifacts rotate to explore one war and its impact in the county. The exhibit features artifacts and interactive components to further dive into the past and understand the war on a deeper level. Currently, the display studies the Vietnam War. The space also recognizes those who paid the ultimate price in combat through memorial plaques.

​The project also features oral history, memorial, and educational opportunities. These components allow the community to learn from interviews from local veterans. It helps it remember veterans who have served, are serving, or died in service to the United States. It gives educators at the grade school and university level materials that can incorporate these local stories into their classrooms. In addition, it offers research opportunities and another exhibit, an online timeline called Waging War: Where U.S. and Bulloch History Meet. There is a lot to learn about the military heritage of Bulloch County. Browse the website to learn about the American military experience in the county.

Images courtesy of:Georgia Southern University Museum.