Shared Core Beliefs

Opportunities must be provided for each teacher and student to excel by maximizing their respective abilities to assure students receieve a strong foundation.

All stakeholders are in partnership to encourage lifelong learning to promote success applicable to each student's future. Each student's success must be objectively and quantifiably measured.

We must provide a safe a healthy environment that is conducive to learning and also promotes the development of character and citizenship.


The Gentry School Board envisions a school district where:

The stakeholders are involved in providing successful educational experiences for all students.

Students and staff each maintain high individual achievement.

Support for success is provided for all students and staff.

The learning environment provided is healthy and safe both physically and emotionally for all students.

Learning builds the capacity of students to act on their own to better themselves.

Gentry School District is recognized as a leader in maintaining a system of quality educational experiences and high expectations.


The mission of the Gentry School District is to work with the community in providing safe and successful educational experiences for each student.