Outdoor Education 12

Outdoor Ed 11 is currently unavailable in our school.

Outdoor Ed 12 is available during course selection this spring for September 2019. It is replacing the former Adventure Tourism 12.

Outdoor Education 12

Are you interested in exploring outdoor activities and learning about the adventure tourism sector outside the classroom, in the natural environment? Are you interested in developing your communication, teamwork and collaboration skills? Are you wanting to learn more about natural systems, and how humans are impacting the world around us? Then Outdoor Education 12 is the course for you! Through participation in a variety of outdoor activities, you will gain valuable leadership, communication and project management skills, applicable in any field. If you are interested in a career involving the outdoors, this course will give you a head start on your environmental knowledge and outdoor activity skills. activities can include hiking, backcountry backpacking, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, mountaineering. Additional topics discussed throughout the course will include wilderness travel, backcountry cooking, plant and animal identification, first aid, and opportunity in outdoor careers and the adventure tourism industry. Positive outdoor experiences foster curiosity, respect and stewardship of the natural world. Sustainability, creativity and critical thinking will be incorporated into as many aspects of the course as possible. If you are interested in trying new physical activities in an outdoor environment, and working closely with a group of peers in the classroom, fill out your application form as soon as possible!

General course topics include:

Outdoor activity skills and healthy living

Paddling skills, climbing skills, backcountry hiking and survival skills

Nutritional considerations, meal planning and preparation

Social Responsibility

Reducing environmental impact, Leave No Trace principles

Cultural and place-based awareness

Collaboration, teamwork and safety

Cooperate with others in outdoor activities and environments

Consider personal safety and the safety of others, in a risk management framework

Demonstrate appropriate responses to emergency situations in outdoor environments

Outdoor Leadership

Use effective communication skills when interacting with others

Collaborate with others on expeditions, teams and in the community

Candidates for Outdoor Education 12 must:

Have an interest in the natural world and be willing to participate in outdoor activities, in a variety

of weather conditions.

Be able to collaborate effectively with others

Have a positive attitude and demonstrated personal responsibility

Commit to regular attendance

Be willing to try new things!

There is a limit to the number of students accepted into this course, so please complete an application form available from the counseling office, along with a cheque made out to SaHali Secondary for $200.00 and submit these as early as possible to the counseling department. Please see your counselor for more information. The deadline for application forms is March 15th, 2019.