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Hafa Adai!

The resources on these pages were compiled by the Guam Department of Education’s Division of Curriculum and Instructional Improvement. The resources are designed to help all of our parents, teachers, schools and school administrators provide educational opportunities for our students. At-home learning contributes to continued social development and interaction with your children. Many of the resources and links you will find here are free and many of them contain lessons in a variety of subjects.

Although many of the platforms are currently in use by the department, not all are endorsed by GDOE. We have broken them up into different categories and grade levels to help you select which would suit you best.

We hope that all of you continue to be safe during this time.

-Jon Fernandez, Superintendent

A message from C&I

Hafa adai!

Our island community is facing many challenges with this pandemic. Though we are doing our part to keep ourselves safe and healthy, we have been working diligently through unchartered territory to provide distance learning to our students. We recognize the importance of affording our students stability amidst this crisis and will attempt to do so by providing them with learning opportunities.

Our department is committed to educating our children of Guam no matter what obstacles we may face. In doing so, we’ve created this website to help support all stake holders by providing lessons and learning activities to reinforce skills that have already been introduced throughout the year. As we embark on this new journey together, we commend your excitement and willingness to work with your children at home. We bring to you a wealth of resources compiled by our teachers from across the district and facilitated by instructional coaches.

Please remember, these are enrichment activities for your family to use as a home resource. Though some lessons and activities have a recommended timeframe, you can work with them at your own pace and on any day of the week, or throughout the other weeks. They are yours to use as you may.

Additionally, your child(ren)'s teacher(s), counselors and school administrators are available via email if you have any questions.

Thank you again for visiting our website ... Please stay safe...

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