LIcensure Basics


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Licensure Basics

Presented by:

Dr. Marcie Holland, Wake County

Licensure fees will range based on the type of application, when the application is submitted, and the individual or organization in charge of processing the application. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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NOrth carolina

state board of education

licensure policies

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1. Chart of Accounts (provides budget codes) and the Attach A is the crosswalk for those budget codes to licensure areas. They are updated often so you will need to know how to find these. Bookmarking them will take you to old documents so the best way to locate this information is to:

  • Visit and click on "Financial Reporting" and then on the first link under the title "Uniform Chart of Accounts" and it takes you to this page:

2. Professional Educator's License Forms:

3. LEA License and Salary Information Center:

To gain access to the LEA License & Salary Information Center, your school’s finance officer, site security officer, or personnel director will complete the Request for DPI Application Access form (click here) electronically and email it to the Systems Accounting Section at The form must be emailed by the person authorizing access.

4. North Carolina Education offers test preparation courses at

Course Titles: Preparation for Foundation of Reading Licensure Exam and Preparation for the N.C. General Curriculum Mathematics Subtest



student aid report (SAR) Comment code & Text guide

Licensure Program Codes

Program Codes.pdf