What we do: The GC Band Boosters is a dynamic group of parents, staff, alumni, alumni parents, and friends who donate their time and talents to help organize contests, concerts, uniforms, props, community service, and transportation. They are frequently found cooking meals, caring for uniforms, carrying or pushing equipment, decorating, cleaning, sewing, setting-up, tearing-down, and traveling (usually with a smile on their face) all in the name of supporting the students who are GC Bands!

2018-19 Board Members

Susan Teague - President

Nate Day - First Vice President

Vince Perry - Second Vice President

Todd Grant - First Treasurer

Christine Coning - Second Treasurer

Susan Perry - First Secretary

Jane Hale - Second Secretary

Who we are : The Booster Board is a group of elected parents committed to help create a great foundation for the entire Band and Guard organization that help the Directors and Staff to educate and instill values in the younger generation.

Anyone and everyone who supports the program and the kids is a Band Booster. Please be a part of the group by attending meetings and performances and lending your time and talents to our many activities. There is a role for everyone.