Gateway Intermediate School 364

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School Logo Contains a crescent with a Falcon and the Words Gateway I S 364

Important Information

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Principal - Nicole Fraser-Edmund -

Assistant Principal - Frances Jeffrey-

Parent Coordinator - J'Kaira Collins -

Students report to the Main entrance daily - All Dismissal will also take place at the main entrance of their respective buildings-

Classes ending with F report to 1426 Freeport Loop

6AF -

6BF -

6DF -

7AF -

7BF -

Classes ending with G report to 1461 Geneva Loop

8AG -

8BG -

8CG -

9DG -

MAIN BUILDING - 1426 Freeport Loop - 718-642-3007

ANNEX BUILDING - 1461 Geneva Loop - 718-942-2035

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Gateway Falcons Vision Statement

At Gateway we work diligently to provide our Falcons with flexible quality instruction that demands academic rigor. We strive to develop our Falcons into independent thinkers, lifelong learners with a strong sense of ownership, social responsibility and integrity.

Gateway Falcons Academy Mission Statement

To create an environment that allows Falcons to advance their own thinking through flexible learning while maintaining rigorous practice.

Instructional Focus -

At Gateway Intermediate School 364, Falcons will develop the skill of using evidence to support arguments in discussion leading to stronger writing across all content areas.

If....Then Statement

If we are going to strengthen Falcons ability to develop communication and collaboration skills, then we must embed classroom practices that foster Falcons ability to reason with evidence.

As a result, students will

Support their Claim with Evidence

Engage in Productive Discussion

Make their Thinking Visible

MPPR Focus/Priority Statement

Build the capacity of teachers to respond the gaps in students' ability to support their claim with evidence and breakdown tasks across all the grades


We Rise Up by Lifting Others as we move Together Toward Excellence

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