GASD Remote Learning K-12


As the GASD community comes together, the district is providing learning activities for you and your students while we are away from the classroom. The district has created this Remote Learning Website, with online resources for all grade levels. First and foremost, we want to ensure that our students are healthy and safe as we continue to connect as one GASD family.

Please use this link to open a video which contains details on navigating the Remote Learning website.

Watch this video for an overview of the remote learning website.

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All GASD campuses are closed at this time.

Remote learning will begin for all students on Wednesday, April 1.

Let's Do This Together

Parent and Caregiver Information

This website is intended for caretakers, students, and teachers to access ideas for learning and enrichment opportunities. The resources on this site are intended to provide continuity of education for our students during the ongoing closure through remote learning opportunities, which may include review, enrichment, and other learning activities. Please know...

Teachers and other district staff will be working to support you and your students throughout the entire process

Resources include a range of ideas for online and offline activities that students can work on at home independently, with family members, or with other adults. Some of these activities may require guidance from an adult to get started.

Additional resources may be added, please check back periodically

This will be new for many of us on this scale, and we appreciate your continued understanding, patience, and support as our staff works to do their very best for our students.

Tips to Make Remote Learning Successful

Set up a flexible schedule/routine and expectations for the day. Provide a quiet area for students to work.

Provide breaks - both physical and mental! See the brain breaks page for some ideas! Balance screen time and non-screen time activities.

Communicate with your child(ren)'s teachers - check email often. Contact the helpdesk if technical issues.

Be involved with your child(ren)'s work. Ask questions, view their creations, etc.

Create times for quiet and reflection.

Encourage life skills at home, e.g. laundry, cooking, making/building, and more!

Accessing School Resources

Students, teachers, and all staff use My Dashboard to login to online resources. Many of the student resources cannot be accessed unless they go through this dashboard. Have students login here and then this site will be on their dashboard.

The direct link is: (bookmark this). It is also accessible through the district website home page.

My Dashboard screenshot

STEM Activities for Families

Click to access grade specific resources

Click to access grade specific resources

Click for information on resources for high school students

Click to access information regarding tech support

Click for ideas to provide brain breaks for students

Click to access for tips, strategies, and ideas for additional support

Need to contact the Help Desk? Email: