Helpful Volunteer Instructions for Events

GVMS Home & School Volunteer Instructions for School Events

Thank you for volunteering for the GVMS HSA! Your help directly supports the students at GVMS as 100% of our proceeds go towards school and District initiatives. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about your volunteer assignment; please contact a member of the HSA Executive Board.


  • Have Garnet Valley Volunteer Clearances on file before attending an event.
  • Check in with the event Chairperson
  • For safety reasons, please have your child wait in lobby until event begins
  • Direct any injured student to the volunteer nurse
  • Be our eyes and ears, if you see or hear inappropriate behavior-please find a school staff member and report it immediately
  • Have fun!

PLEASE refrain from:

  • participating in the student activities (rides, games, inflatables, etc.)
  • letting your children use the equipment or games prior to the start of event
  • talking with teachers or school personnel about a situation involving your child - please make arrangements to do so at a time agreed upon with the teacher that does not interfere with the HSA event

Middle School Facility Rules:

All facilities need to be left clean and posters/signs taken down. All materials need to be stored in the HSA Closet at GVMS (as appropriate).

  • Trash needs to be taken outside to the dumpster
  • Tables and serving areas to be wiped down
  • All floors to be swept
  • Tables and chairs put back where they belong


As you volunteer with staff and students, remember that the problems, abilities, relationships and confidences of students, their parents, and staff should never be discussed with anyone other than a professional staff member of our school.


When issues arise concerning appropriate student behavior, your responsibility is to call such matters to the attention of the teacher or other supervising school personnel and to support students by encouraging them to make good choices and demonstrate appropriate behavior.