Committee Descriptions

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We welcome your involvement and/or participation in any of these events!

Building Advisory Committee (BAC):

The BAC is an advocate for the community. Each grade level has 1-2 representatives who may be contacted by a community member with a concern or issue they would like to see addressed. These issues are then brought to the attention of the chairperson who will seek a prompt response from our administration. BAC will meet at 6:30pm prior to the GVMS-HSA meetings.

Career Day Committee:

Provide support to the Guidance Department as required to enhance the one-day annual, 8th grade Career Fair. This committee brings refreshments and attends Career Day in April/May at GVMS from approximately 7:30-11:30 am, assists in directing presenters and students to designated classrooms and makes gift bags for presenters. Held in May.

Community Cashback Committee:

Plan and advertise fundraising nights at local restaurants for cashback opportunities. Advertise Amazon Smile. Plan the Gift Card Program at GVMS.

Craft Fair Committee:

Plan, coordinate and execute an annual craft fair. This committee organizes food, vendors, set-up, clean-up among other demands. Planning begins in September. This is a day-long event usually the first Saturday in December. Volunteers are needed on Friday evening and all day Saturday; 2-hour shifts are typically available.

Picture Day Volunteers

School pictures are taken in the fall (late September). This committee organizes volunteers to chaperone children while pictures are taken-It is a wonderful way to see all of the smiling faces of GVMS children.

7th and 8th Grade Event Committee

Coordinate dances and activities for 7th and 8th grade students including dance themes, chaperones, set-up, breakdown, music, refreshments. This committee requires many volunteers on the nights of the events. It meets during the school year to plan dances and activities for 7th/8th graders.

8th Grade Send-off Dance Committee:

Coordinate the 8th Grade Send-off Dance in June. The committee plans for the theme, decorations, set-up, refreshments and music. This committee requires many volunteers on the night of the event. In addition several 7th grade parents are requested to check-in 8th graders for the Send-Off Dance.

6th Grade Event Committee:

Organize 6th Grade evening event in the fall and in March (from 3:00pm-8:00pm) at GVMS. For fall event: coordinate activities, refreshments, organize registrations, collect fees, and arrange for a large group of volunteers for the event. For March event: coordinate activities and contract with vendors, arrange refreshments through the event, collect fees, organize registrations and organize chaperones for the event.

Spiritwear Committee:

Order, promote and sell age-appropriate school spiritwear (t-shirts, shorts, jackets, blankets, gym bags and more) and GVMS approved shorts for gym class. This committee works throughout the year-- the spiritwear committee sells at the craft fair and back to school nights as well several other events during the school year.

Staff Appreciation Committee:

Organize staff recognition events and provides refreshments during Staff Appreciation Week in May. We dedicate an entire week to do special things throughout each day such as providing breakfast or lunch, special snacks, gifts etc. Planning usually begins in March.

Various School Events:

During the school year at GVMS, volunteers are requested for Back to School nights, Transition camp for 6th graders, Thanksgiving Luncheon (7th and 8th grade parents only), and several other events. We will need volunteers for these events.

HSA Executive Committee:

President or Co-Presidents: Preside at all meetings, gives leadership to the organization. Stimulate all members to their best efforts on behalf of this Association. Supervise all business of GVMS-HSA. Oversight of all committees and an ex-officio member of all committees. Shall establish standing and special committees shall perform such functions as directed by the President. Liaison between HSA Executive Committee and general committee chairpersons and the Principal. Sign all authorizations and contracts.

Vice-President: Preside at all meetings in the absence of the President (or Co-Presidents). Act as a representative of this association when called upon by the President (co-President). Shall contact assigned committees monthly only to verify committee can meet its established goal.

Treasurer: Receive all monies of the Association and keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures. Pay out local funds. Present a statement at every meeting of the Association showing balance, receipts and other expenditures since any previous meeting. Present a statement of account showing balances, receipts and other expenditures at any time requested by the Executive Committee. Shall contact assigned committees monthly only to verify committee can meet its established goals.

Secretary: Keep correct records of all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee. Handle all correspondence, free from grammatical and spelling errors. Shall contact assigned committees monthly only to verify committee can meet its established goals.