Energy Poster: Introduction

Create Poster:

Working in small groups, students will become experts on one form of energy. Each group will create an informational poster (see details below) to present to the class during a gallery walk.

Gallery Walk:

Each group will hang their poster around the classroom. Students will walk around the gallery and take three notes for each form of energy. After the gallery walk, each group will give a 3-5 minute presentation on their form of energy.

Forms of Energy:

(The teacher will assign one form of energy to each group.)

1_Mechanical 2_Thermal 3_Chemical 4_Electrical 5_Electromagnetic 6_Nuclear

Poster Requirements:

Each poster should contain the following information about the assigned form of energy:

  • Definition
  • Sources
  • Two industrial applications
  • Two examples from everyday life
  • Picture, diagram, or graph
  • Use color to make your poster interesting

(Don’t forget to include a title and your names.)