School District of Edgar Assessments

Why Assessments?

1. Testing is a part of learning, and lets students “show what they know” and what they can do.

2. All tests, including state assessments, provide information about student learning that help us (teachers and parents) instruct students better and help them succeed.

3. Taking state assessments can provide evidence that students are learning effectively and mastering grade level expectations in an independent, online and/or remote learning environment.

Why Mental Health Screenings?

Mental health screenings are a key part of youth mental health. Research has shown that targeting symptoms early leads to better outcomes. Early treatment may also lessen long-term disability and prevent years of suffering.

We know the importance of prevention when it comes to physical illness. Routine checkups, screenings, and general awareness can be effective strategies to catching a disease early and increasing the chances of recovery. The same idea is true of mental illness.

Questions? Contact:

Sarah Baltus

MS/HS Counselor (6-12)

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Edgar School District

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