High Desert Droids - FRC Team 753 - Bend, Oregon

It's Not About the Destination, It's about the Journey.

We are a team of students and mentors from Central Oregon who come together to build a robot, have some fun, learn and try to do something cool every day. 

Want more information? Contact Todd Andresen via email.

Current Announcements:

Wilsonville District Event Results

Finalist and #1 pick of the 5th Alliance

Innovation in Control Award Winner

Team Ethos: Rapid, Reliable, Robust, Done on Time 

Upcoming Events:

Oregon State Fair District Event

Friday, March 24th and Saturday, March 25th

Link to Live video feed

Team Calender of Events

Above is the link to the BLS District volunteer clearance application. This must be filled out before you can work as a volunteer or transport students to competition

Complete and submit this form to the office at least 1 week before the event you are going to drive students to.