Supporting Musicians

Supporting Young Musicians

Effective Tutelage

  • One of the most efficient and effective ways to support a young musician is to provide private lessons. For a list of local teachers, contact Mr. LaTorre or Mrs. Brunner.

Home Support

  • Have patience with and be supportive of the difficult task of learning music. When learning to draw, young artists start with simple, crude sketches that often resemble the intended subject very little. All art begins this way, and takes hundreds of hours to develop shading, depth, proportion, and perspective. Music is no exception to this rule. Be conscious that a young musician must have reassurance that their journey will sometimes be difficult but over time will reap significant rewards.
  • Communicate with neighbors about the importance of home practice when creating practice schedules.

Effective Tools

  • Keep instruments in good repair. At the first sign of disrepair, immediately notify Mr. LaTorre or Mrs. Brunner before the problem gets worse.
  • Is your student playing on an instrument brand that is most helpful to beginners? Is your student using quality accessories (oil, strings, reeds)?

Extra-curricular Experiences

  • Central Oregon Youth Symphony is a wonderful local organization that provides a quality music experience.
  • Attending local high school, Central Oregon Symphony, or other music performances can be an inspiring experience.
  • There are several summer music camps in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. For recommendations please see Mr. LaTorre.

Gift Guide for Young Musicians