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Instructions to Pay Music Fees Online

From our school website or district site, please click on the following areas for easy directions to pay all items online:

  1. PARENTS – click box and in Parents Tools, click box on top that says Fees and Fines.


  3. User Name is Student’s ID Number

  4. Password is Student’s Last Name (password is case sensitive)

  5. STUDENT’S NAME - click on your student’s name

  6. ITEMS AT STUDENT’S SCHOOL - click to shop for items

  7. CATEGORIES – To the right of this word, you will see items you can purchase. Music, field trips, class project fees, etc. are under STUDENT ACTIVITIES

  8. STUDENT ACTIVITIES – select this category for music instrument fees and field trips.

  9. BUY - click here to add an item to your “shopping cart”

  10. CHECKOUT - complete purchase by clicking the shopping cart/checkout icon.

If you need assistance on purchasing items online, please contact our office manager, Heather at 541-355-7401.