President Kao encourages NTHU graduate students to SHINE in the 2024 3MT Competition!

What is 3MT? 三分鐘英語研究簡報競賽簡介 

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition, founded by University of Queensland, commemorates the dynamic research endeavors undertaken by graduate students across various fields. 3MT seeks to foster students' abilities in academic discourse, presentation, and research communication. Presentations are strictly time-constrained (3 minutes), including fundamental research concepts and content. Contestants are urged to employ language suitable for a lay audience. English is the designated language for the entirety of the competition.

三分鐘研究簡報競賽源自於澳洲昆士蘭大學,提供各領域研究生口頭介紹自己原創研究的舞台,並希望透過 3MT 培養學生學術、簡報與溝通能力。比賽限時三分鐘,參與學生需用淺白易懂的方式說明研究內涵與概念。

Who is Eligible? 參賽資格 

                                               Graduate Students of NTHU from ALL disciplines.


2024 NTHU 3MT Prizes

Winner   $20,000

1st runner-up   $15,000 

2nd runner-up   $12,000

People's Choice   $5,000 

When 活動時程

             Video Submission        初賽影片上傳                   即日起至16/5/2024 | 23:59

                      Finalist Released         決賽名單公佈                   23/5/2024 | 6:00 pm

                              Final Event          決賽時間                          30/5/2023 | 6:00 pm

                                    Venue             地點                                 R245 CHOU HWAI PWU HALL,

                                                                                                    Learning Resource Center.



【2024 NTHU 3MT】The finalists have been released, welcome all to attend the Final Event.