Photo Scavenger Hunt


So, this game ends Friday morning at 9 AM, but you still have time for those last minute uploads.

We've heard that players have had uploading images, so here are a couple of possible tips you may want to try.

1. File Size! - See if you can reduce the file size of your pictures before uploading, especially given the wifi at the GICC. The Snapseed photography app (available on iPhones) has a setting that allows for smaller file size saving. There may be others like this for Apple and Android. You may want to consider uploading your images to the cloud and uploading your pictures from a web browser.

2. Try uploading from your hotel / home on a better wifi connection.

3. When you submit a picture in the app, exit out of Click (the photo scavenger hunt), then go back into it. Sometimes you may need to refresh it that way for the picture to show up.

Even if you don't complete all of the images, remember, CREATIVITY counts!! Just because someone else is at the top of the leaderboard doesn't mean they'll win.