Registration is more easily done on a laptop/chromebook, but all challenges can be viewed on a mobile device once launched.

What is it?

It’s a fun and silly team-based scavenger hunt game that involves a variety of apps and sites to complete tasks that vary in point values. The team with the highest number of points at the end of the conference wins! In the event of a tie, those judging the entrees will base their final decision on the creativity of the submissions.

Teams and Registering

We'll have TWO categories of participants this year: Pairs and Small Teams that are NOT competing against each other.

Participants can either form a team of TWO or THREE to FIVE people attending the GaETC 2019 Conference with a designated Team Captain. Team members do not have to be from the same school or even county. Participants in the GaETC 2019 APPMazing Race can only participate on ONE team.

The deadline for registering your team will be Wednesday, November 6th by 11 AM. When registering, Team Captains will be asked to complete a Google Form with each Team Member’s name and link to a AppMazing Race Wakelet copied template where your team will post evidence of completed tasks.

Teams Captains

Each team must designate a Team Captain who will be responsible for the following:

  • Completing the registration form on behalf of their team
  • Receiving the list of tasks for the team and distributing them to team members.
  • Managing the team’s Wakelet collection, which will be used to post completed tasks.
  • The distribution of any prizes won by the team to team members who were not able to stay for the closing session. At least ONE person from the team must be present at the closing ceremony.

The Tasks and The Timeline

Some of the tasks will go live on this website BEFORE the conference begins!! Stay tuned for the opening date!

Teams will have from beginning when the tasks are revealed, until 8 PM on Thursday, November 8th to complete the tasks. Not all tasks require every team member to participate. Some tasks will be designed so they can be done individually, so Team Captains will need to delegate when needed.

Final submissions for each task must be made to the group’s Wakelet page unless otherwise noted.

Pop Up Challenges For Bonus XP

Although tasks will be released as a list, teams will have opportunities to "transform" their chances of winning by completing “Bonus” tasks. Announcements of these tasks will be distributed through this website, through the GaETC app, and through social media, but they will only remain active for a limited time.

Ready to Register Your Team? Head to Challenge #1A to Get Started!

The AppMazing Race concept is the brainchild of Carl Hooker, Director of Innovation & Digital Learning at Eanes ISD. Thank you for sharing so generously!