Technology & Applications

Below is a list of websites & applications that will be used in class during 2021-22. The name of the application links to the website, and videos for how to use each app is provided.

Quiz website similar to Kahoot! but much, much more awesome. 

This is an add-on to Google Slides presentations. It can be used with lessons as I present them to offer more engagement and feedback from students. It can also be linked to through Google Classroom for self-paced lessons.

This website will be a place where writing assignments will be turned in. We will do peer-review and editing through this site as well.

Flipgrid is a website which also has a mobile app for your phone. It is a video chat program. It allows students to record videos that are under 5 minutes in length as well as view and reply to other student videos. It's just another way to reflect and show student learning, build community, and practice academic SPEAKING - a big requirement of our new skills guidelines this year.

Formative is a bulletin board website. Teachers can post questions, and students can post responses. This is a great way to get feedback and share information.

IXL is a website where teachers can assign lessons on mechanics, grammar, and other mechanics of reading and writing. It will be assigned as independent work to be done by students as homework.

Gmail - the preferred communication method. You can send me an e-mail any time of day or night at While I may not reply immediately if you e-mail me in the middle of the night, I will reply.

EdPuzzle is a platform for sharing video with you that allows you to pause, re-watch, and answer questions along the way. It is linked to Google Classroom, so just use the "login with Google" option and it should get you to the right place. I will always be linking assignments created here to your Google Classroom.

WeVideo is video editing software. If you have used iMovie at any point, it's really similar. This platform allows for all kinds of things INCLUDING screencasting.  You will need to login to using the "login with Google" option. I will give you a class join code later on.

Screencastify is an extension already on your chromebook. It looks like a little red arrow pointing to the right. It allows you to record yourself and/or your screen to show your work.

Extensions are add-ons to Google products. Every student is given a Google Chromebook by the district. The extensions below might be already loaded, and if not, they should be added to the student's chromebook. All extensions can be added or removed through Google's Chrome Web Store.

First: to check which extensions are already installed, type the following into a chrome browser window         chrome://extensions/

ScreenCastify  (or Loom)

This extension allows students to use the Chromebook's video camera to record their screen with their audio or video. This will be used for reflection activities following writing assignments and tests/quizzes.


This extension will make suggestions not only on spelling but also on grammar and improve writing overall.

Read & Write

This extension is helpful for students with needs for reading assistance. It will create audio transcription of any webpage and an embedded dictionary.

Print Friendly & PDF

This is a great extension for turning any webpage into a PDF document. It allows you to delete any webpage content you don't want to print/keep (like ads).


This extension allows students to annotate a PDF document and save their annotated copy.

Learning Ally

Audiobook extension - this requires a login but that will be provided to any student diagnosed with dyslexia.

Save to Google Keep

Google Keep is a bookmarking app from Google. The shortcut makes it easier to save webpages, photos, tweets, and other content. This is used heavily during research and inquiry.