Parent Testimonials

M. W. - parent of an English 2 student with a 504 plan:

"The first thing I admired about Mr. Stampe when I met him at Meet the Teacher Night was he just didn't teach by the book. He brings real life perspective which is Priceless! This is something that the students can use in a real world.

Second, he has a clear written-out objective for the students when it comes to the lesson plan, what they will be learning and what assignments are along with the grading policy. It was clear and straight to the point. There was nothing confusing about it.

Last but not least, he is down-to-earth and that makes it easy for parents and students to communicate with him. Mr. Stampe accepts other people as equals and that's hard to find. He understands that students also have a life outside of school, but know that school work is very important as well."

M. P. - parent of a Pre-AP English 2 student:

"Mr. Stampe has an unwavering commitment to the success of his students. He strives to make learning fun while encouraging students to work hard and think critically. For instance, he not only teaches students how to understand the meaning of a literary novel, but works to ensure that students know how to analyze the context and characters of that novel. As a father himself, Mr. Stampe strives to prepare students for college and inspires them to reach their potential."

D. M. - parent of an English 2 student with an IEP:

"Over the years that [my child] has been in school, I’ve always considered myself part of the team. Mr. Stampe's passion for teaching is front and center. I know how much he cares for his students. The way he interacts with parents and students for one common goal is absolutely priceless."

L. C. - parent of a Pre-AP English 2 student who had severe health issues during the school year:

"Your daughter or son will be lucky to be in Mr. Stampe’s class. My daughter was a student in his Pre-AP English class sophomore year. Unfortunately, she sustained a concussion during the fall and struggled to keep up with her school workload. Not being able to study at her normal pace was very frustrating for her. Mr. Stampe was a godsend. He reached out immediately and asked, “ What can we do to help ease her stress and anxiety?” This meant the world to me— he put her health first and came up with creative ways that she could still participate and absorb the material without causing undue stress or fatigue. He was very supportive and encouraging during such a difficult time, and his class ended up being her favorite!

I would say that overall he really cares about the students and engages them in thoughtful ways so they feel like their voice is heard instead of being told exactly what they should think, how they should write, etc. He’s very skilled at providing them with constructive feedback, coaxing them to dig deeper and explore their creativity. Mr. Stampe cultivates an inclusive learning environment and recognizes each individual student’s strengths to capitalize on those to help them succeed."

P. S. - parent of a Pre-AP English 2 student with an IEP:

"The name of Mr. Stampe's Google Classroom, "Stampe's Circus of Sagacity Pre-Ap English 2," tells his students and their parents so much about him in just those few words. Mr. Stampe looks for ways to bring a sense of fun and energy to Sophomore English class while teaching his students how to approach their work in a perceptive and insightful manner, the very definition of the word sagacity that he uses in his classroom name. How does he teach these skills in an inspiring and engaging way? Passion! He is passionate about who he is teaching and what he is teaching. There is nothing stale or rote about his class. Each day, Mr. Stampe challenges his students to be and do their personal best, and the way in which he interacts with them motivates them to want to meet those expectations. He sees each student for who they are, finds ways to make a personal connection, and looks for opportunities to enhance their natural gifts while helping them improve areas of weakness. He is one of those teachers who his students will likely look back and realize just how critical he was to solidifying their abilities to communicate effectively, regardless of what career path they choose. Being able to understand what other people are trying to communicate and being able to write effective, persuasive communication are invaluable skills that he prioritizes and teaches step-by-step, paragraph-by-paragraph. As a parent, I really appreciated that Mr. Stampe structured his class and instructional style similar to a college level course, yet he still made sure his students didn't fall behind. Often, he would send reminders to stay on track when they were reading a novel or writing a paper and would make sure students received the information they missed during an absence. By reaching out to the students, Mr. Stampe let them know that he cared, and he opened the opportunity for two way communication so students felt comfortable letting him know when they needed assistance or guidance. He was always very responsive to emails and would not only give helpful pointers and advice but also would find something to compliment in the student's work. If I could sum up my feelings in just one sentence, it would be, "I wish Mr. Stampe would teach English 3 and English 4 so my student would be lucky enough to continue to learn from him for two more years!""

K. F. - parent of a Pre-AP English 2 student with an IEP:

"We love Mr. Stampe. I wish my child was going to have him again this year. This will be my student's junior year, and until RHS, my kid had not been a fan of writing. While writing is still not a favorite subject, after a semester in Mr. Stampe’s class my kid decided to take on the challenge of AP English. I appreciate how Mr. Stampe always starts out with 'what the student has done right or excelled at' and then goes on to how they can improve their paper. Communication is a top priority for him. Any concerns I had were addressed in a timely manner. If he had concerns about my child, he let me know. When we had to go to virtual, he was available via the phone, email, or zoom. I was extremely impressed when he and his team adapted the material for the students depending on the class level, they would be taking their Junior year.

D. H. - parent of a Pre-AP English 2 student with an IEP:

"One of the many things I appreciated about Mr. Stampe’s teaching style is his focus on providing his students the opportunity to do their very best work on assignments. As long as the student shows a desire to learn and improve their writing techniques, literature styles, poetry, Mr. Stampe will work with them. His main desire is for them to learn and grow.

Mr. Stampe will let students manage their academics on their own as much as possible, however, he engages parents when necessary. He was very responsive to our inquiries as well.

You can feel comfortable that Mr. Stampe wants the best for his students and cares deeply about not only their education but their well being. Your student and you are in good hands. Have a great year even though we are in challenging times."