JAK Droid

About JAK

InMoov Inspiration

JAK is based on the InMoov opensource life size robot designed by the French sculptor and designer Gael Langevin. On his website, http://www.inMoov.fr, Gael has made this robot an Open Source project and has placed all the files and instructions for the robot on his web site for people to 3D print. Several students and hobbyist have taken Gael's design and created their own modifications and shared them on Thingiverse for others to explore , (https://www.thingiverse.com/Gael_Langevin/collections/inmoov-parts-and-derivatives). Inspired by the InMoov, Mr. Dolan, a Computer Science and Business Ed teacher at Valley View High School, purchased a 3D-printer and build a hand for students to program. The first hand used five servos to control the fingers and one servo to control the wrist.

Students working on robot arm

The JAK Project

Inspired by some of the modifications that people have made to their InMoov Robots, Mr. Dolan teamed up with Josiah Wallace, a senior at Valley View High School, to start the JAK project. This project is a multi year project to build a communication droid that can use sign language and Alexa style AI to translate and communicate with people. Each year a group of students will take on the project and continue to extend and improve JAK's abilities. With the district's help we were able to acquire a MakerBot Replicator+ printer to expand our project.

Starting with the head, Josiah choose to integrate an advance eye mechanism he found on Thingiverse developed by Dakota76. All internal parts to the head were printed using the MakerBot Replicator+, while the gold color parts were printed using a Robo R1+ 3D printer. The eyes use six servos for eye and eye lid movement. There are two cameras built into the eyes and two speakers for the ears. At this point JAK's Brain is a Raspberry Pi Zero running a C-STEMbian version of Linux operating system. The servos are controlled using a generic 16 channel 12 bit servo controller that used the Adafruit Python Library.

Josiah showing JAK's head

Thanks to our supporters:

The JAK Droid Project Team would like to thank the following people for their help and support:

    • Dr. Martinrex Kedziora - Superintendent of Schools, Moreno Valley School District
    • Karen Johnson - Principal, Valley View High School
    • Moreno Valley Board of Education:
        • Jesús M. Holguín, President
        • Cleveland Johnson, Vice President
        • Marsha Loche, Clerk
        • Susan Smith
        • Darrel Peeden