Mr. Fraad's Fabulous PE Page

Hi Boys and Girls,

Spring has sprung and it's fantastic seeing the longer days and feeling the slightly warmer weather. If you are still remote learning be sure to take time for activity breaks, stay hydrated, and reach out to friends and family. My challenge to you is to stay positive, and be vigorously active for 60 minutes a day. You can find your PE assignments here at MR. FRAAD'S FABULOUS PE PAGE. As part of your online assignments please complete a weekly Activity Log. I'm anxious to know how you are staying active. In order to receive full credit you will need to complete an Activity Log and your assignments. If you can, please send me videos or pictures. You can also draw me a picture and send me a photo of the drawing. Please email your Activity Log and assignments to

Please remember to practice social distancing, wear your mask, listen to your parents, and be safe.

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Mr. Fraad