Claremont Streets for People

Helping Claremont become a LEADER in BIKING AND WALKING by redesigning our streets and CALMING traffic for the safety and wellbeing of All

Streets for People...

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Claremont Streets for People is looking for interested participants at all levels: active members, monthly meeting participants, event planners, advocates, endorsers, and petition signatories.  Please email us and let us know where you would like to fit in:

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CSP has now written several letters to the City Council regarding transportation studies & contracts awarded, plus the need to hire a bike/ped planning firm to create streets designed for people! Please see these letters below

City Council meeting Item#9 - CSP Comment letter - 031423.pdf
Public Comment - Towne Ave Complete Streets Project - 2.28.23.pdf
Mills Ave Study City Council Comment

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Many people in Claremont want to bike and walk more, but we need safe, connected infrastructure to allow that to happen

Quality design & engineering is what makes a street safe. 

If people are speeding, if the street is dangerous, if crashes occur, enforcement is NOT the answer, instead we need BETTER DESIGN!