McCormick middle school band

Welcome to the MMS Tiger Band Page!

Welcome to the McCormick Middle School Band Program! We are excited about the year ahead. We plan to continue the tradition of excellence through performance in band that the entire McCormick Middle School community can be proud to call their own. As you read through this website, keep the following things in mind:

1. Participation in band is a privilege that provides a richly rewarding activity in terms of fellowship, leadership opportunities, and personal gratification of having worked hard to accomplish your goals.

2. Although participation in band requires time for individual practice, students do have plenty of time to enjoy a wide variety of other extracurricular activities and are still able to maintain excellent scholastic averages.

3. Since many students choose to be in band in conjunction with other extracurricular activities, we do our best to ensure that schedules are carefully planned so that there are only minimal conflicts. There are no restrictions in choosing to do multiple activities, and any conflicts that do arise will be worked out on an individual basis.

4. Members of the band organization are proud to be a part of a superior program. The band hopes to make the student body, faculty, and administration of McCormick Middle School, as well as all of Hays CISD equally proud of the program.