3/25 - New Content Posted! Check out our Choice Boards located under Content Resources listed by Grade Level on the General Resources for Families pages! These resources include lots of great offline activities. Choose one activity to do daily with your child.

3/23 - You can use the resources on this website as opportunities for learning in your home while we are out of school the next two weeks. Our focus will be review activities for our students. The resources we are recommending are available to your students through their ClassLink login. For assistance with ClassLink, please click on the HELP DESK link to find the instructions.

Sample Daily Schedule

Math - 20-40 minutes

ELAR - 20-40 minutes

Science - 20-40 minutes

Social Studies - 20 - 40 minutes

Art/Music/PE - 40-60 minutes

Tips for Successful Home Learning

  • Kids thrive on routine- Set your families routine and stick with it for maximum success.
  • Rise and shine! Set a wake up and get ready for the day time and be consistent.
  • Establish a productivity mindset. Get Dressed, Brush your teeth, household chores, etc.
  • Create a home learning schedule that works for your family
  • Stick with your routines to avoid power struggles!