WELCOME to the hub for MC Online Information!

This last few school years have been quite transformative, and shown many of you just what amazing work and time management you are capable of!

As you prepare for 2024-2025 Registration, browse this site for information about the ASYNCHRONOUS Online courses that the Mill Creek Online Program will be offering next year! 

If you have questions about these courses, please don't hesitate to get in touch with their instructors, and when you are ready, you can complete the application located HERE


Do MC Online classes have Zoom/Meet sessions?

Not on a regular basis! These courses are Asynchronous, meaning the work is pushed out ahead of time and you can work on it on your own schedule.  Your instructor may occasionally have a Zoom/Meet session for Review or to share materials, but these are not frequent and you will have advanced notice of them.

Do I get a parking pass if I register for Online?

In order to be in the Online courses, students MUST have their own transportation to and from school, but THEY ARE NOT GUARANTEED A PARKING PASS! In the event that you do not get a parking spot, you will have to provide your own transportation to/from school. Since this is an online class, you are not allowed to ride the bus to school and simply ‘hang out’ until your face to face periods.

Can I choose when I take the Online class?

Not exactly - while we can guarantee it will not be 'midday', we don't have a way of preselecting AM/PM.  If you are registering for more than one Online class, though, make sure to mark that on your application, and then the computer should group those classes together for you: you will have the opportunity to review your schedule during the Drop/Add period later in this semester.

Can I take an Online class on top of my 6-class courseload?

No - unfortunately, the Mill Creek Online classes count as a part of your scheduled day, so you cannot 'overload' your schedule.  While you are not expected to be physically here for the class, it still counts as a part of the department schedule and takes up a period/class/teacher.