Police and Safety

The Police and Safety Building is located near the northeast side of the football stadium. This department provides a myriad of services for students, faculty and staff, including courtesy first aid, escort, vehicle problems, emergency phones and message delivery. Police and Safety also oversees all Parking Services on campus, via parking permits and temporary visitor passes.

Frequently Asked Parking questions

Q: Where is the Parking Department located?

A: The parking Department located in the Police and Safety Building. (Northeast side of the Football Stadium)

Q: I will live in the Residence Halls, where can I park and how do I purchase a parking permit?

A: Students who are living in the Residence Halls can purchase their permits online or in the Parking Office located in Police and Safety. Students living in the Residence Halls have the option of requesting green or gray parking permits.

Q: I will live off campus, what do I do about parking?

A: Students living off campus need to contact the Parking Office located in the Police and Safety building to purchase their permit. Off-campus students have the option to purchase either violet or gray parking permits.

Q: What other parking options are available?

A: There are 4 and 10- hour meters located throughout the campus. They are open to everyone. The cost is .25 cents per hour on the 10-hour meter with the fifth quarter giving you 10 hours. There are also 30-minute meters available. These are located primarily in loading zones throughout campus. Free parking is in the gravel areas off of Highland Street.

Q: How much do parking permits cost? Can I purchase a semester permit? Where do I purchase them and what information do I need?

A: Green $75 per year $50 per semester

Violet $75 per year $50 per semester

Gray $50 per year $30 per semester

To purchase your permit, we accept cash, checks, money orders or Visa/MasterCard/Discover and American Express cards. Students permits can be picked up at the Police and Safety building. To purchase your permit, you must have the following information: vehicle license tag(s), automobile make and model and color or each vehicle. PERMITS WILL NOT BE RELEASED WITHOUT ALL INFORMATION.

Q: Is my parking permit valid in meter parking?

A: If you chose to park in a meter, you must pay the meter. Parking permits are only valid in the color lot of the permit.

Q: What if I have a disability permit?

A: Disability permits are allowed to park in any of the colored lots and meters if the Handicap parking is full. You must register your permit with the Parking Department.

Q: Can I share my parking permit with my roommate?

A: No, the parking permit is only valid to original registrant.

Q: Can I register multiple vehicles to my permit?

A: Yes, if you personally drive multiple vehicles to campus.

Q: What are the hours of enforcement for parking on campus?

A: The permit lots and the primary metered lots are enforced from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The 30-minute meters, handicap, service vehicle, loading zones and the Gold are enforced 24 hours daily year around. We enforce parking when classes are in session.

Q: What if I need to load/unload my vehicle?

A: There are 20-minute loading zones near the Residence Halls.

Q: How do I obtain a visitor parking permit and is there a charge?

A: Visitor permits may be obtained by stopping at the Parking Office in the Police and Safety building. Visitor permits are issued at no charge. We will give you a permit to park near the building you are visiting.

Q: How does the color zone parking work on campus?

A: When you purchase a permit, it will be for a color zone. If the particular area you are trying to park in is full, you must go to another zone of the same color as your permit, or you may pay for a parking meter. The permit is only valid in your color zone.

Q: What happens if I forget or lose my permit, or get a different vehicle?

A: If you do not have your permit hanging for any reason, please notify the parking office when you park on campus. If you lose your permit, you will need to purchase a replacement permit. The cost of a replacement permit is $5.00. If you change vehicles, you will need to contact our office with the new tag and vehicle information at 620-341-6043.

Q: What if I receive a parking citation that I feel is unjust?

A: You have 14 days from the date of the citation is issued to appeal it. You must appear in person to the Parking Office to file an appeal.

Q: If I receive a parking citation, where do I go to pay and how long do I have before additional penalties are assessed?

A: Parking citations can either be paid in person at the Parking Office located in the Police and Safety building, online through Hornet 365 or payments may be mailed to Police & Safety, Box 4012, I Kellogg Circle, Emporia, KS 66801. A late fee will be assessed after 14 days from the issuance of the citation.

Q: What if my meter did not give me the correct time that I paid for?

A: If your meter malfunction please contact the Parking Office 620-341-6043 so the meter can be checked.

Q: What if my vehicle has been immobilized?

A: If you have 3 or more parking citations your vehicle is subject to be immobilized. If your vehicle is immobilized you will need to come to the Parking Office to pay for you citations and the immobilizer fee.

Q: Can I be escorted to my vehicle when it is dark outside?

A: ESU Police do offer escort services on campus.

Q: Can I get help if I lock my keys in my car?

A: ESU Police do offer lock-out assistance on campus.

Q: Can I get help to jumpstart my car?

A: ESU Police will jumpstart your vehicle on campus.

Q: Why does parking cost so much?

A: The revenue from the parking department pays for the parking lots, to maintain the parking lots, snow removal and salt.