The ESU String Academy meets once a week to work on instrument technique and ensemble playing for string players of all ages.

Stringfully Spring 2023: February 16th - May 5th.

What class is best for me? Choose according to your playing ability.

  • Dolce I & II

“Pre-Twinkle” beginner level: I am learning Twinkle and have little or no experience on my instrument.

I am learning the foundations of the instrument.

  • Animato

I can play Twinkle and other early songs in the Suzuki book 1.

I am near completion of Essential Elements book 1, or starting book 2.

I can play 1 or 2 scales, and sight read music with simple rhythms.

I know most note names in first position.

  • Vivace

I am finishing Suzuki book 1 or starting book 2 and beyond.

I am comfortable with different bow strokes, slurs and string crossings.

Violin/viola: I can sight read music with 2 or 3 sharps or flats and shift to 3rd position.

Cello/bass: I can shift to 2nd or 4th position; I can sight read music with 2 or 3 sharps or flats.