Welcome to Guyer HS: Review of Student Handbook

Welcome to GuyerHS for New Students.pptx

Welcome to Guyer HS

If you are new to GHS, please take time to review this short presentation with some information that you would need to know. We are glad you are here and hope that you will be proud to be a Wildcat just like we are!

#TheGuyerWay #OneandReady

2018-19 Acceptable Use Policy Video

2018-19 Grading Policy (Student Video).mp4

2018-19 Grading Policy Video

2018-19 Student Discipline Guidelines.mp4

2018-19 Student Discipline Guideline Video

2018-19 Attendance Policy (Student Video).mp4

2018-2019 Attendance Policy Video

2018-19 Academic Integrity (Student Video).mp4

2018-19 Academic Integrity Video

2018-19 Dress Code Policy (Student Video).mp4

2018-19 Dress Code Policy Video