RHS Renaissance

What is Renaissance?

Renaissance is a school-wide program which promotes the idea that every student who is successful in school should be recognized and rewarded. Renaissance is based on a national program established by Jostens. At RHS, the Renaissance program has various components made up of parents, administrators, teachers and students, each playing an important role in the program at Ryan High School.

Renaissance encourages academic achievement, attendance, positive attitudes and positive behaviors through a system of rewards and recognition every month.

Each grading period, our Renaissance parent committee (a sub-committee of the PTSA) awards cash gift cards to the students and staff honorees. They also provide a breakfast each semester for these honorees. At the end of the year, scholarships are available for seniors who validate every time their senior year.

Renaissance at Ryan High School is a program that pulls in the parents, community, faculty, staff and students to ensure each person feels a part of the Ryan High School family.

Sharla Gilhome & Candace Nornholm, RHS Sponsors 

and the RHS PTSA