Sara Reed -

Sara has seen technology change dramatically over the the last two decades working in the service industry and in education. She has a wide range of experience both in training and support working as a help desk lead and a technology support specialist. She has spent the last 15 years teaching technology applications to students at McAnally Intermediate in Aledo. In addition to her teaching duties, she assists her campus with special projects and serves as the videoboard director for the district football stadium. She is passionate about learning and sharing her love of technology intergration with others and is constantly exploring new ways to make this a reality by staying connected through her PLNs, blogs, and training opportunties throughout the school year.

Lynda Wright -

Throughout her career, Lynda has worked as a Special Education , Pre-K, and Third Grade Teacher. She currently teaches ESL for kindergarten through eighth grade. Lynda loves to see her students become independent learners. She believes strongly in empowering students so they know how to learn. In addition to technology training, Lynda has also lead professional development in literacy and math stations, iPads, and Texas Literacy Achievement Academy.