Where are the ReedWright Sisters?

Join us for PRIME Digital Learning Conference on July 25th as we head to Region XI to do an encore presentation of Tech it Off the Page - Thinking Maps + Technology.

Sara Reed - Technology Applications - Aledo ISD

Lynda Wright - ESL K-8 - Aledo ISD

Sara Reed and Lynda Wright are teachers and sisters who have found a similar passion for education and technology. In their free time, they often discussed new discoveries and classroom successes. Both working in Aledo ISD, colleagues began to know them at the Reed Wright sisters. The shared interest in collaboration and the catchy last names (thanks to their husbands) is how Reed Wright Sisters Training was born.

Over the past few years, Lynda and Sara have presented at Aledo ISD Summer Academies and Just in Time Trainings, TCEA Convention, and Denton TIA. They look forward to continuing to share their love of learning and students.

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