Our Goals


We will use the program EduTyping, Jr. in technology class. The lessons focus on introducing new keys row by row. There is a focus on sight and high-frequency words integrated within the program.

For additional practice at home, please visit the following sites.


Keyboarding Zoo

Nitro Type

Dance Mat Typing


Key Seeker Geared for Kindergarten

Typing Games Gear for the Upper Level Students

Digital Citizenship

Students will use the Common Sense Digital Citizenship Curriculum to learn how to be responsible and respectful digital citizens. Throughout this unit we will cover the following topics in relationship to digital citizenship: digital footprint and reputation, self-image and identity, relationships and communication, cyberbulling, information literacy, internet safety, privacy and security, and copyright. The Common Sense website has a plethora of resources to help parents in guiding their children to make responsible choices using digital media.

Please see their website here for additional information.

Google Apps for Education

Throughout the year we will learn how to use core Google Apps. Students will use Docs, Slides, Drawings, Sheets, Maps, and more. Google Classroom will also be used to deliver resources and assignments.


We will use the Code.org site as a platform for learning basic coding skills during technology class. Coding is important because it is a way to teach children to think logically and sequentially and develop problem-solving skills.

Please see the following sites for extra enrichment in this area.

Code Academy

Blockly Games



Code Combat

Technology Enrichment Games Websites

ELA Textbook

The link below allows your child to access his/her English Language Arts textbook. Your child's teacher can provide you with more specifics as to how to access it from home.

Pearson Realize

FZSD Fine Arts Grading Scale


4 = Exceeds Expectations 3 = Meets Expectations 2 = Emerging 1 = Area of Concern


E = Excellent S = Satisfactory N = Needs Improvement