Theft/Vandalism Insurance

Accidental damage to your Chromebook is covered under a special warranty purchased by the district. If you damage your Chromebook, follow the procedures outlined in the How to Get Your Chromebook Repaired section of this site.

Theft or destruction of the device due to vandalism is NOT covered by the school. If this happens, you will be responsible for the cost of replacement ($425). For peace of mind, you can purchase optional insurance through the Worth Avenue Group (Student Insurance Partners). For only $21.80, you can fully protect yourself against theft and vandalism.

You can purchase the optional insurance online HERE or download the flier below to mail in your payment. If you purchase online, search for "Cole Middle and High School" when asked to select your school. Please do NOT send the form or any payment to the school. Thanks.

Theft and Vandalism Protection for FSHISD.pdf