Chromebook Repair

Chromebook in need of repairs? Follow these simple steps to get it fixed.

1) If you have any issues with your Chromebook, take it to the main office IMMEDIATELY. There is an online Chromebook Repair Form that you will need to fill out. PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM ENTIRELY! (You can also fill out the form below prior to coming to the office.

2) Leave your Chromebook with Ms. Medellin or any other adult in the office. BE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON THE CHROMEBOOK ON THE CHARGER AND ON THE CASE. The technology department will NOT pick up your Chromebook for repair if your name is missing from the computer, the charger, or the case.

2) Once the form is submitted, the technology department will be alerted.

3) The technology department will pick up your Chromebook and assess the damage. If the issue is covered under the warranty (that is, if the issue was not caused by accidental damage), we will send the computer back for repairs and issue you a replacement device as soon as possible. If the issue is due to accidental damage, we will send the device in for repairs and you will be assessed a $30 handling fee, You will receive a Chromebook back once we receive your $30 payment.

Remember, the power of Google Apps is that your work is "in the cloud." We keep classroom computers in each classroom for your use when you do not have a Chromebook. Having a computer in for repairs is NOT an excuse for not doing your work.