7th Grade ELA SWS

Happy 2023/2024 school year! It has been a few interesting past school years to say the least. We have all been faced with certain unknowns and we as teachers, students, and parents have done the best we could. The beginning of every school year, there are many unknowns that your children will face, but with your help and my help, they won't have to face them alone. I am confident that we as a community will continue to endure and put our best foot forward.

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Robert Miller and I am your child's Seventh Grade Language Arts Teacher. I am relatively new to the Flemington-Raritan school district and I look forward to getting to know your child. I am a graduate of Rider University and currently I am in a Graduate program at Centenary University. I  was previously an Eighth grade Language Arts Teacher. I taught there for three wonderful years and learned a lot. I also previously taught at a school specializing in teaching students with Autism, which gave me wonderful opportunity and taught me a lot about life, and a lot about what students need within the classroom and outside of the classroom.

            I firmly believe that every student has something to offer the world, and some struggle to find their strengths and passions. I pride myself on getting to know each of my students and drawing those things out. I also believe that it is extremely important to celebrate the successes in life, both big and small. With that being said I promise to keep an open line of communication between myself, you, and your child. I want to establish a relationship that promotes positive communication whether it's about goal setting opportunities or to share a story of success.

            I believe that as a young teacher, I naturally possess the skills to successfully incorporate the appeal of various technologies to young people within the classroom to enrich my teaching and the student's learning. It is my personal teaching philosophy to ignite a love and passion for reading and writing, through reading and writing workshops, high-energy classroom building activities, high-level learning, and choice of material, thus merging the new and old worlds together as one.

          I would like to thank you for instilling your trust in me as your child's teacher. I promise to always uphold respect for your child. I promise to be fair and just in my classroom management, improving my relationship with my students daily. I promise to contact you when there is a particular goal we need to solve together, but also to tell you how your child is excelling in my class. I promise to do the best possible job everyday for your child.

            If you have any questions or concerns or just need to talk, please, do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience. I can be reached by email or by phone.

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BTS 2023/2024 

Trimester 1 Information

Beginning next week, students will dive into our first unit of ELA, Social Justice. We will be focusing on tolerance and equality for all people. We will also be learning new reading strategies that will help us take notes while reading our choice novels. After that we move on to a writing unit where students will think critically about their lives and choose a small event to write about that had a meaningful impact in their lives.