Jelly Bean Contest!

See the showcase in front of room ...... Check out the Jelly beans jar and guess the count using the form on the left.

See the photos below to determine the count then submit using the form to the left OR scan the QR code on the wall near the show case. Rules

  1. ONLY students can submit

  2. 1 Guess per student

  3. Closest count wins

  4. Winner announced before Spring Break

Guess the Count!

How many in Jar???

What is Inflight?

In flight is the Frontier High School newspaper. Its a student run paper, in which the kids submit newsworthy articles. These articles go through an editing process and if approved, are printed in the newspaper. In flight creates papers throughout the school year and the numbers are based on students submissions. The news staff is comprised of editors for both print and copy, writers, columnists, photographers and cartoonists. We are always looking for students who have a passion for any of those areas and believe this experience will enhance their learning experience while at Frontier.

In flights past members have won numerous awards at the Western New York writers association events at Fredonia college (Most of which are on display in the students office in room 230). Past writers have gone on to editor positions at colleges such as St. Bonaventure, Colgate, Yale, University of Buffalo and Fredonia. In addition, past students have been members of staffs at Johns Hopkins, Syracuse, UB and many others. Students have entered the field of journalism or completed college internships with their prior experience.

Marisa's Message

As we have closed out celebrating Thanksgiving and The Holidays with our friends and family, it’s important to be thankful for one another. Especially this year, since 2020 has been hard on everyone. Not only is it important to be thankful and kind towards each other during the holiday season, but all the time. Many people are struggling mentally because of the pandemic, and it could be someone you know. If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, try sending them a quick text or ask them to FaceTime. A small act like that could make someone’s day. With that in mind, I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Holiday season!

If anyone is interested in joining the staff as a writer, layout assistant or more, please contact

Marisa Zoerb

My first day of school was definitely different from all my others. Before my arrival, I was wondering how the school was going to have spaces six feet apart, socially distanced students, and surfaces sanitized. I walked in on the first day of school and was immersed in a completely different environment. There were posters in each hallway labeled “one way” or “two way” to direct students to their classrooms without it being crowded. Students and faculty were all wearing masks, so it was strange not seeing my teachers’ faces. All the desks in my classrooms were six feet apart. Since I could only use certain hallways to get to my classes-even I got confused!

Not only was the building unusual, but my schedule was as well. I had to adjust to only going to school two days a week and learning virtually the other three days. Not only was this adjustment hard on students, but the teachers as well. Teachers had to adjust teaching virtual students and hybrid students at the same time. It took a few weeks for teachers and students to fall into a schedule because this school year was like no other.

Since I’m a hybrid student, I was wondering what it was like for virtual learners. I asked virtual student and senior Megan Ashbery for her thoughts and experiences.

I first asked her why she decided to do virtual learning instead of hybrid. “My mom mostly wanted me to go virtual since my younger brother has asthma so he’s considered a high risk individual in regards to Covid-19.” I then asked her how virtual learning is different from in-person instruction. “It’s a lot different than in-person. I suppose I can’t really compare how different is compared to hybrid since I’ve never been hybrid. I’d say that it’s similar to last school year when the pandemic first started, except it’s more structured and there’s more school work.” For my next question, I asked if she liked virtual learning or going in-person better. “Definitely in person since I got to see my friends. It’s harder to find motivation being remote. When you’re in-person, you’re somewhat forced to be motivated since you’re physically going to school. School from home makes it seem like there’s a lot more homework to do since all of you're doing all your work at home.” Next, I asked her if it’s hard to stay focused at home. “Yes, at least for me personally. There’s a lot more distractions at home. Plus, it doesn’t feel like you’re actually in school.” Finally, for my last question, I asked her if it’s difficult to stay on a schedule at home, or if it’s easier. “On one hand you can get all your work done faster since there usually isn’t a ton of virtual meetings in one day. Sometimes organizing what to do and when can be difficult, since all the work is assigned at once can be overwhelming. Personally, I’d say it's easier since having several meetings in a row makes homework build up and doesn’t give me the time to get it done.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

We know the holidays this year are different. We may be apart, but there is still reason to be thankful. Enjoy the season, make sure to get your laughs, watch those re-runs of Star Wars, enjoy your family, enjoy your friends and most importantly, smile!

Alyna Tomaka

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