Game Password: digcit

Each class has an individual Game Code to enter first, then the Game Password.

Mon 9/24 Game Codes

Sparks 1A: ZJERE2

Hendon 1A: GXYQYM

Scheu 2A: 81NX9K

Hendon 2A: GNO9OJ

Raymond 3A: 8YYX2V

Sparks 3A: GM4VQL

Sparks 4A: GRX3QJ

Tues 9/25 Game Codes

Sparks 1B: ZVXPP1

Hendon 1B: Z3Q007

Sparks 2B: Z4QVV2

Hendon 2B: 8OXDD1

Scheu 2B: 86Q2EM

Hendon 3B: GXYJN0

Sparks 3B: GK32WN

Scheu 3B: 87RW3N

Scheu 4B: GNO3DM

Wed 9/26 Game Codes

Munro 1A: 8WXJE0

Scheu 1A: GE0ME2

Raymond 1A: Z3Q9E5

Munro 2A: Z4Q233

Raymond 2A: 8OX47W

Hendon 3A: 86QE4R

Scheu 3A: GK3WK2

Munro 4A: ZQP6M6

Thur 9/27 Game Codes

Munro 1B: GLDQ2W

Zoda 1B: 8YY791

Munro 2B: GM4PWP


Raymond 2B: 85MQL0

Raymond 3B: ZVXOER

Raymond 4B: Z0X9PO

Fri 9/28 Game Codes

Ryan 1A: GKQ4QQ

Zoda 1A: Z4E1EY

Warnasch 1A: 86DMDQ

Warnasch 2A: ZJQOQ6

Ryan 3A: GNXNX2

Zoda 3A: 819K9X

Mon 10/1 Game Codes

Ryan 2B: Z4E93D

Warnasch 2B: GKQNKP

Ryan 3B: GX9O3M

Warnasch 3B: 8749OW

Coach Ryan Quizzes

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2B Quiz

3B Quiz

CTE Digital Citizenship Stations & Goosechase

Digital Citizenship Content Stations

Students will work through the information on this Google Site learning about the 8 tenets of good digital citizenship.

Complete Goosechase Missions

Students will then complete a Goosechase mission over each station applying their knowledge to each mission associated with the 8 stations.