Surpassing the biological barrier that prevent the correct drug delivery in solid tumors or tissues has been a challenge in clinical and research for many years.

Nowadays there are different approaches that try to address this problem with partial results with improvements in the range of 20 – 60% in term of drug delivery compared to traditional methods. Some of the new methods that can reach higher performances have a lot of side effects and limitations in their use.

Our technology has been developed mixing the therapeutic effect of a tumor drug developed in carrier or vector form with the amplifying effect of special ultrasound waves designed to create an enhanced permeability in tissues and cell membranes that allows drugs to reach the target region and there acting in the best way. We use low intensity ultrasounds for avoiding any damage to tissues and for reaching astonishing improvements in delivery from 300 to 600% if compared to traditional methods. Nowadays no other technology can reach such a result.

Core Technology

We developed a procedure that requires the combination between Pulsed Low Intensity Non-Focused Ultrasounds (pLINFU) and vectorised drugs (e.g. liposomes, nano-complexes) in order to allow a mechanical cell stimulation that provokes the opening of small transient pores across the membrane, promoting a rapid exchange of substances between the two sides of the cell.

Our in Vivo tests performed on mouse models of breast cancer treated with therapeutic liposomes showed a 5 time higher drug accumulation within the tumor mass if compared to the standard treatment.

Through an accurate preparatory work aimed to comprehend the mechanical and biological characteristics of the specific tissues and drug involved, we can develop optimized protocols tailored for each situation that requires an enhanced drug delivery.

The modulated ultrasounds emitted and administered by our device and by our specialized transducers are capable, placing the transducer’s surface in direct contact with the skin, of efficiently reaching the majority of soft tissues without causing any damage.

This goal is archived without altering the drug carrier integrity nor causing cavitation effects, that are often exploited by high intensity technologies to obtain Sonoporation and that can cause uncontrolled damages over the tissues.