- Waver -

Waver is our medical device perfected for the generation of modulated Pulsed Low-Intensity Non Focused Ultrasounds (pLINFU).

Coupling Waver's consistent and accurate performances with our proprietary technology it is possible to obtain Sonoporation of biological tissues even ad high depth, allowing an enhanced tissue permeability to specific drugs while being minimally invasive for the patients.

Rendered image of the product Waver. This image do not shows the ultrasound transduced but it will be included in the final product.

We built Waver both with a wide and responsive 8'' touchscreen and an intuitive user interface to allow a quick selection of the operative protocols. It's small size makes it easy to move it and to be used as a bench-top instrument, also the design with rounded lines and no edges will allow a simple cleaning of the instrument.

Waver will support the simultaneous use of up to two transducers, in order to treat multiple areas by varying independently the characteristics of the generated ultrasounds.