STEAM & Outdoor Education

The STEAM Education Program at Ferrum Elementary is a teaching method where students are immersed in learning through integrated design projects. These projects are centered around five disciplines: science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

The state of Virginia has a vision that all students will become STEM literate, meaning they will have...

"an understanding that it takes

  • a scientific approach to observe and interpret the world;

  • technology to serve as a tool to solve problems or reach a goal;

  • engineering to design, test and solve a problem through the creation of products or processes; and

  • mathematics to help quantify, comprehend and evaluate the problem and solution success." -excerpt from VDOE website

Our fantastic teaching staff develops lessons that integrate these disciplines into real-world, relevant, and high interest projects that challenge Ferrum's students. The new Outdoor Learning Project will provide students a natural setting to explore their learning. Students are also learning essential twenty-first century skills of citizenship, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

Throughout our campus, students are encouraged to think differently. Failure is seen as a positive outcome because it helps you learn what to do differently next time. That's why we like these acronyms:

FAIL... First Attempt In Learning

END...Effort Never Dies

NO...Next Opportunity