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CANVAS Workshops from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Training for Faculty and Staff

The CETL provides face-to-face and virtual training as announced in its Training Calendar, one-on-one consultations and group training by appointment, and drop-in support. Registration for training is required in order to ensure adequate seating, materials, and/or technical setup. Please RSVP to any CETL staff member.

Workshops are conducted in the CETL Training Center, room 111 in the Library and Learning Commons, unless otherwise indicated on the calendar. Laptops are provided, but attendees are welcome to bring their own.

Online sessions (designated OL) are conducted in a virtual meeting room. Registrants will receive an e-mail prior to the session date/time containing instructions and a link for accessing the meeting room.

Workshop Descriptions

Canvas Overview

The Canvas Overview will provide attendees with background information on the Canvas Implementation and an overview of the Canvas system. Topics include: logging in, enrollment processes, the Global Navigation Menu, personal account and notifications settings, managing the Dashboard, accessing a course, navigating a course, accessing training materials, and avenues for finding Help. (50 minutes)

Canvas Basic Construction

This session will provide attendees with hands-on experience building a basic Canvas course site from scratch. Topics include: Creating a Welcome Page, uploading files individually and batched, organizing the course using modules, creating a module, establishing a Home page, and importing content into a Canvas course. (50 minutes)

Canvas Assignments and Gradebook

In Canvas, columns in the Gradebook are created only through the process of adding Assignments to a course. This session will take participants through process of creating and managing Canvas assignments. Topics include: creating an assignment, assignment settings, assignment groups and weighted grading, adding an assignment to a module, Student View and submitting as a student, the Gradebook, SpeedGrader, and rubrics. (65 minutes)

Canvas Course Clean-Up

If you created your Canvas course from a Blackboard migration, then this walk through our Course Clean-Up Checklist will be helpful. Topics Include: organizing the course menu, clearing import errors, managing old announcements, setting a Home page, cleaning up Modules, readying the Gradebook, adjusting rubrics, preparing for a new semester. (50 minutes)

Canvas Quizzes

If you intend to use Canvas for administering your quizzes, this is a must-attend workshop for you. Topics include: creating a quiz, quiz options, quiz questions and question types, setting exceptions, SpeedGrader, re-grading questions, secure testing, and quiz analytics. (50 minutes)

Canvas Ready, Set, Go!

What will it be like to actually teach the course which you have developed? This session will help raise awareness of the things that will be important once your course gets rolling. Topics include: managing notifications, viewing as student, grading in SpeedGrader, originality checking, taking attendance, Chat, Calendar Scheduler, and Course Analytics to view student activity. (50 minutes)

Canvas Page Design – Beyond the Basics

In Canvas, a page is used to present content, similar to creating a webpage. It may contain text, video, audio, weblinks, and other types of content. This workshop will provide hands-on experience in designing Pages for Canvas. Topics include: best practices for page layout, working with images, creating interactive buttons, integrating multimedia, and using a page to consolidate course materials. (50 minutes)

Integrating Canvas and Google

Canvas offers a direct link with Google which can be used to simplifying workflow and promote seamless technology integration. This workshop will cover the following: embedding and linking files from Google Drive, requiring students to submit a Google doc as an assignments, providing feedback prior to assignment submission, creating Google Collaborations for groupwork, and using Google Docs within modules. (50 minutes)

Training and Support for Canvas is provided by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

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