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Proposition P

Promise, Purpose, & Progress for our students. #FoxC6Strong

In order to meet the safety, security, and educational needs of our students, the Fox C-6 School Board voted unanimously to place a no tax increase bond issue on the June 2, 2020 election ballot. The additional funds generated from this bond will go toward providing updated building safety and security, additional classrooms, and other facilities needs for all buildings throughout the district.

Fox C-6 is seeking voter authorization to issue $40 million in bonds in order to improve the safety, security, and accessibility of our buildings. Fox C-6 will use the bond proceeds to improve buildings and facilities across the entire district, including the creation of secure entrances in all buildings and updated security systems. This bond issue is a no tax increase bond issue. Property tax bills will not increase because of this bond proposal.

Our Commitment


Improving schools and relieving the strain on our budget will allow the district to continue to put funds where they matter most - toward our students and their education.


The district is seeking no tax increase with this bond issue. The project list is focusing on key projects that have a direct impact on of students' safety, security, and learning environment.


The District is proposing only the most pressing facility improvements. All proposed improvements will directly impact the safety, security, and learning environment of our students, the most valuable resource in Fox C-6.


With about 1.5 million square feet to look after, the cost to maintain these spaces is about $11 million annually. Investing in their upkeep now saves on replacement costs in the future. Our focus will be on upgrades that emphasize safety and security, as well as student comfort.

Introducing Proposition "P"

The primary focus of this bond issue addresses major needed improvements to our facilities, which will improve safety, security, convenience, and comfort for the students, staff, and community members we serve. Proposition P will provide:

  • Secure main building entrances.

  • Updated security systems for receiving and monitoring visitors.

  • School alarm and key systems.

  • Improved classroom spaces for student learning.

  • Upgraded science labs.

  • Resurfaced parking lots, sidewalks and drives.

Background and Planning

Over the past several years, Fox C-6 has budgeted funds to steadily improve the infrastructure of our buildings. Important upgrades have been made to some roofs, parking surfaces, classrooms, and more.

Beginning in August of 2019, Fox C-6 administrators met with building principals to determine the highest priority facility needs in each of the 18 Fox C-6 schools. Then, District administrators and Board of Education members toured schools in neighboring districts to get an idea of how other districts are upgrading their facilities. After assessing our needs and touring buildings, the Board of Education and district administrators developed a plan to address the most pressing facility needs in Fox C-6.

In order to meet the needs outlined by our community, face the challenges of aging buildings, and provide important security upgrades throughout the district, Fox C-6 is seeking the community’s authorization to issue bonds to address the common areas of safety, accessibility, learning spaces, facilities, and more. Specific building plans are available to the right.

Prop P Project List at a Glance

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Prop P Informational Slides - V2

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