What if in 6 months, you no longer felt stuck, without purpose & full of doubt; instead you confidently cultivate your life on purpose?

What would you be doing then?

You would be..

  • Knowing exactly who you are, what you stand for, & why you are here; with absolute certainty.

  • Consistently show up as your best self; standing firm in your purpose, values & boundaries.

  • Setting big, ambitious goals that align to your reason for being on the planet.

  • Less fazed by the notion of "failure" knowing that failing often and failing fast is the way forwards.

  • Taking massive action toward those goals and celebrating the successes and failures with equal pride.

  • Completely in love & in like with yourself in every single moment.

  • Confident in the knowledge that you can handle everything (and everyone ) that life throws at you without getting knocked off course.

What does FOURwards! coaching give you that other programs don’t?

  • Tools that help you gain a deeper understanding of what makes you, you; what drains & recharges your soul battery, how you process information, how you make decisions & your preferred ways of being.

  • How to prioritize & practice fierce kindness, self-acceptance & self-compassion regardless of the circumstances.

  • Ways to identify & change the deep held, subconscious & limiting belief systems that are producing your experiences & results.

  • Tools that you can use to identify your feelings & emotions, feel them, hear what they are trying to tell you & let them go!

  • Ways to ensure that our basic human need for growth is fulfilled in a way that is in alignment to our values, purpose, and goals.

  • The habits that highly effective people leverage to create & live their best life on their own terms.

  • How to build trust and credibility in your communications & relationships.

  • How to recognize when you are in your own darn way & how to get out of it with love and compassion!

Robin, Leader

Leaders like Robin moved forwards with Jo's coaching

“I was fortunate enough to have Jo as my coach . She is an incredibly rare talent; a tremendous leader and mentor and a dynamic collaborator. She helped me to navigate multiple obstacles in my career path.

Without her guidance and coaching, I would not have been able to complete the changes I was seeking. I do not say lightly that she has the unique ability to command respect and collaboration from people representing diverse interests, whilst at the same time, displaying empathy and maintaining a level head.

I owe a great deal to her guidance, leadership and coaching which advanced not only my career, but also my emotional intelligence and gave me a lifelong respect for perseverance in the face of adversity.”

Ready to move FOURwards! together?

Your guided journey includes;

8 x 90 minute coaching sessions on Zoom,

Resources & self led work between sessions,

In between session text support,

6 month commitment with the opportunity to extend.

Payment Plans:

*$2,500 Payment In full

*$450 6-Month Plan

*prices in CAD, excludes GST