What if in 3 months, you went from feeling unsupported & and alone to being part of an inspired community of growth, goals and glory?

What would you be doing then?

You'd be..

  • Knowing exactly who you are, what you stand for, & why you are here; with absolute certainty.

  • Consistently show up as your best self; standing firm in your purpose, values & boundaries.

  • Setting big, ambitious goals that align to your reason for being on the planet.

  • Less fazed by the notion of "failure" knowing that failing often and failing fast is the way forwards.

  • Taking massive action toward those goals and celebrating the successes and failures with equal pride.

  • Completely in love & in like with yourself in every single moment.

  • Confident in the knowledge that you can handle everything (and everyone ) that life throws at you without getting knocked off course.

What does FOURwards! group coaching give you that other programs don’t?

  • A community of like minded ambitious, smart, compassionate leaders who want to live their purpose and smash their goals.

  • The opportunity to study Self Leadership topics each week and apply the learning.

  • The opportunity to receive coaching from Jo as your practice stepping into your higher self.

  • Tools that help you gain a deeper understanding of what makes you, you; what drains & recharges your soul battery, how you process information, how you make decisions & your preferred ways of being.

  • How to prioritize & practice fierce kindness, self-acceptance & self-compassion regardless of the circumstances.

  • Ways to identify & change the deep held, subconscious & limiting belief systems that are producing your experiences & results.

  • Tools that you can use to identify your feelings & emotions, feel them, hear what they are trying to tell you & let them go!

  • Ways to ensure that our basic human need for growth is fulfilled in a way that is in alignment to our values, purpose, and goals.

  • The habits that highly effective people leverage to create & live their best life on their own terms.

  • How to build trust and credibility in your communications & relationships.

  • A shared journey with a group of leaders learning to recognize when they are in their own darn way & how to get out of it with love and compassion!

Mary, Leader

Leaders like Mary were inspired by Jo's coaching

“I waded in the “River of Misery” (what Jo calls the space of change discomfort).

The other side is glorious!

Thank you for inspiring me, Jo!”

Ready to move FOURwards! together?

Your guided journey includes;

12 x weekly 60 minute group coaching sessions on Zoom,

Accsess to recorded sessions that you might have missed,

Resources & self led work between sessions,

In between sessions text support,

3-month commitment with the opportunity to extend.

Payment Plans:

$1,100* Payment In full

$365* 3-Month Plan

*prices in CAD, excludes GST