Quote by Fr. Anthony Ciorra, former dean of Graduate School of Religion and Religious Studies
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Since 2008, I have worked with many of the Online Learning programs at Fordham and assisted individual instructors with their online classes. I have helped to design and produce over 35 courses, along with providing guidance to schools and departments developing online programs or courses.

The Graduate School of Religion and Religious Studies was the first school at Fordham to offer entire degree programs completely online. From the summer term in 2008 through the fall of 2015 I was the IT lead that worked with GSRRE and worked on a total of over 30 courses. My roles included providing instructional design, technical support, and course production such as content creation, filming, and designing effective lecture presentations. In addition I developed curriculum and provided training to faculty in the areas of online learning tech production skills and pedagogy.

After working with Grad Religion, I worked with the graduate schools of Social Work, Education, Business and other departments to help develop online programs and courses.


I am currently working with the program director and faculty of the Real Estate Institute (PCS) in doing the following:

1. create Bb course shells each semester

2. assist with the rolling of courses over from one semester to the next using Course Copy

3. assist with the Google Drive repository and embed files into courses

4. assist with Bb issues

CARE (Consistent, Accessible, Responsive, Engaging)

Each of the different departments and schools have been developing online courses differently. I have been working on creating the CARE methodology that can be applied to all programs at Fordham.

<<Step 1>> evaluating existing processes both at Fordham and at other institutions (completed)

<<Step 2>> gathering faculty feedback (ongoing)

<<Step 3>> IT team and Director of Online Learning review (in process)

<<Step 4>> Department and faculty review (upcoming)

The following documentation, slides, and resources are in production:

OLR (Online Learning Resource)

I have created this resource for faculty who are developing their own online course or who are teaching an online course that has already been developed. I will be working on updating and promoting this resource.